Featured by the Festiv'Baroqueries:
The amazing musicians of L'Ensemble Consonances !

They come together because they share the same passion: baroque music and the contagiou pleasure of playing music together. They intend to transmit beautiful emotions created by music. They are all friends and they are all professional musicians of the highest tandards. Toghether they form the "Ensemble Consonances".

Consonances baroques … classical ... romantic ... or  ?

The audince will be magically surprised in every concert  !

Liste et bios of all Artists who have bee invited to one or several editions of the Festiv'Baroqueries
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L'Ensemble Consonance Adapting their geometry to the punctual requirements of their concert, l'ensemble desires to explore all the aspects of a baroque repertoire, which reaches from the beginning of the 17th century to the middle of the 18th century. Of course, those highly gifted musicians still leave themselves room to go astray from time to time with other repertories just as charming and musically seducing ...

Mikhaïl Zhurvavlev, Direction at the harpsichord and oboe
Dmitry Sinkovsky, Solo violin & Vocal (contertenor)
Raya Raytcheva, Solo violin
Vladislav Popyalkovsky,Violin
Elena Davidova,Violin
Laetitia Lafrance,Violin
Julia Didier
Tamara Elias, Violin
Jeanne Mathieu,Violin
Gevorg Vardanyan, Violin & viola
Timur Yakubov,Viola
Carmen Maria Martinez, Viola
Caroline Vischer, Viola
Dan Sloutskovski, Cello
Mathieu Rouquié, Cello
Ivy Wong, Double bass
Theotime Voisin, Double bass
Caroline Peach, Double bass
Aram Hovhannisyan. Flute
Ivan Podyomov, Oboe  
Gustav Friedrichson, Oboe
Thomas Kalcher, Bassoon:
Astrid Abrouch, Cor
Joffrey Portier, Cor

Guest Soloists by L'Ensemble Consonances
Edition 2019 Samuel Moreno, Baryton
Edition 2018 Julie Catherine Eggli, Soprano
Edition 2017 Ambroise Dojat, Basson
Editions 2015 et 2017 Michel Tirabosco. Flûte de pan

Guest soloists for a concert or performance
Ediition 2020 postponed to 2021 Irene Abrigo, Solo violin
Editions 2017 I 2020 postponed to 2021 Gabriel Stern, Piano

"Young talents "evening Music
Edition 2019 Emilie Weibel violin, Daniel Minten viola, Romain Luder guitar and Gabriel Stern piano
Edition 2018 L'Ensemble du Studio Kodály Sélection de jeunes élèves accompagnés d'enseignants
Edition 2016 Daniel Minten viola, Romain Luder guitar and Lisa Hagemann viola da gamba
Edition 2015 Emilie Weibel violin and Gabriel Stern piano

.................................................. ...."Young talents " Contemporary dance
The director and choreographer Antonio Gomes is one of our key artistic partners in Festiv'Baroqueries. He is founder of the Compagnie Jeune Ballet de Poche.
Most year he and his dance company offer us the first night of a new creation.
Since 2015 Antonio Gomes has been building up the company with
 carefully selected dancers from different dance schools in Geneva, and in particular the trainees from Centre de Formation Professionnel Arts Vivants (CFP) in Geneva and other Swiss cantons.
Antonio Gomes also seeks collaboration beyond borders: in the 2017 Festiv'Baroqueries, young artists chosen by Delphine Torzuoli from her Compagnie Annecy Ballet Junior joined Gomes' production as part of the “Young talent” evening.

Edition 2019 Léa Inès Batoua - Aisté Pogozelskyte
Cernicchiaro Vincenzo - Negreche Célia - Pico Angelina - Schneider Léa
Edition 2017 Compagnie Jeune Ballet de Poche (Genève), Direction Antonio Gomes
Léa Inès Batoua - Sarah Cachelin - Anouché Canellini - Claire Masset - Aisté Pogozelskyte
et Compagnie Annecy Ballet Junior, Direction Delphine Torzuoli
Angélique Bonsacquet - Manon Schwerm
Edition 2016 Léa Inès Batoua - Ludivine Favre-Heubi - Lua Gomes - Claire Masset
Edition 2015 Eugénie Dmitriev - Ludivine Favre-Heubi - Lua Gomes



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