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Liste et bios of all Artists who have bee invited to one or several editions of the
Festiv'Baroqueries since

Mikhaïl Zhuravlev
Direction at the harpsichord and oboe
Dmitry Sinkovsky
Violin & Vocals (countertenor)

Vladislav Popyalkovsky
Elena Davidova
Laetitia Lafrance
Julia Didier
Tamara Elias
Jeanne Mathieu
Timur Yakubov
Caroline Vischer
Mathieu Rouquié
Dan Sloutskovski
Double basses:
Theotime Voisin
Caroline Peach
Aram Hovhannisyan
Ivan Podyomov
Gustav Friedrichson
Mikhaïl Zhuravlev

Thomas Kalcher
Astrid Arbouch
Joffrey Portier

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The amazing musicians of L'Ensemble Consonances !

They come together because they share the same passion: baroque music and the contagiou pleasure of playing music together. They intend to transmit beautiful emotions created by music. They are all friends and they are all professional musicians of the highest tandards. Toghether they form the "Ensemble Consonances".

Adapting their geometry to the punctual requirements of their concert, L'Ensemble Consonances desires to explore all the aspects of a baroque repertoire, which reaches from the beginning of the 17th century to the middle of the 18th century. Of course, those highly gifted musicians still leave themselves room to go astray from time to time with other repertories just as charming and musically seducing ...

Consonances baroques … classical ... romantic ... or  ?

The audince will be magically surprised in every concert  !









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