Salle communale
19 August 2018
at 5 p.m.





Salle communale
10 August
25 August 2018

Espace Vélodrome
22 August 2018
6 p.m.
23 August 2018
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Salle communale
25 August 2018
at 6 p.m.

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26 August 2018
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PROGRAMM .................................................................. rR ................... Return welcome FESTIV'BAROQUERIES 2018
Community & Espace Vélodrome, in Plan-les-Ouates
from 19 to 26 August 2018

The Ensemble Consonances is of course part of the celebration during this 4th edition. The opening concert will allow the rich highlighting of all his virtuosos who dazzled the public at previous editions. Renowned musicians from Russia, Germany, Holland, France, Switzerland, all friends, the musicians of the Ensemble Consonances meet each summer at the Festiv'Baroqueries to share - and share - their passion for baroque music.

Theme: Grace and virtuosity in 16th century baroque music 
Ensemble Consonances, direction from the harpsichord: Mikhaïl Zhuravlev
Soloists: Dmitry Sinkovsky, solo violin and vocals (countertenor)
Elena Davidova, violin
Gustav Friedrichson, oboe
Mikhaïl Zhuravlev, harpsichord
Young talented guest: Julie Catherine Eggli, soprano

A. Vivaldi, Concerto for oboe in C major RV 449
Surprise program with: Julie Catherine Eggli
J.S. Bach, Concerto for harpsichord, in D minor, BWV 1052
A. Vivaldi, Concerto for 2 violin, in A minor, RV 523
A. Vivaldi. Aria "Vedrò con mio diletto" from the opera "Il Giustino" RV 717
A. Vivaldi ,Concerto for violin, in G mineur RV 316a
J.S. Bach, Concerto for oboe and violin, in D minor, BWV 1060

Amateur musicians (in the noble sense of the word) are cordially invited to join the Festiv’Baroqueries workshops
(information & registration under " workshops")
During one week, musical skills will be taught in collective workshops with the objective of a joint concert perfomed on Saturday August 25th at 6 p.m..

Evening event " Young Talents"

Like a lyric director, Adrien Laneau and a selection of young musicians from the Studio Kodaly and their teatchers, will play for the first time a highlighted concert "And the season invites ..."

In total adequacy with the spirit of exuberance and innovation peculiar to the Baroque period, all the instrumental musicians of Studio Kodaly offer - accompanied by percussions - a very baroque version of A. Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Concerto: RV 269, RV 315, RV 293 and RV 297.

Concert presented by the participants of the workshops of Festiv'Baroqueries

As a grand finale of a the week of musical workshops, the amateur musicians, will, accompanied by musicians of the Ensemble Consonances, present their acquired skills. ____________________________________________________________

Closing Concert with the L'Ensemble Consonances
For the last concert, all "the stars" of the Ensemble Consonances, from several contries of Europe, will make one for this tour of "Gallant Europe. Famous composers and passionate virtuoses will offer to the public of the Festiv'Baroqueries a last evening completely baroque and ... festive !

Theme: Tour of Galante
Direction from the harpsichord - Mikhail Zhuravlev 
Soloist: Dmitry Sinkovsky, solo violin and vocals (countertenor
Ivan Podyomov, oboe
Aram Hovhannisyan, flute
C. Ph. E. Bach, Sinfony, in E minor Wq 178
C. Ph. E. Bach, Concerto for flute, in D minor Wq 22
C. Ph. E. Bach, Concerto for oboe, in E flat major Wq 165
C.W. Gluck, Aria "I've lost my Euridice " from the opera "Orfeo"
J. Haydn, Concerto for violin, in C major Hob VII :a1
J.C. Bach, Quintet for flute, oboe, violin, viola and cello, op. 11 No 6 in D major



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