Salle communale
20 AOUT 2017
A 17h00




Salle communale
26 AOUT 2017

Espace Vélodrome
23 AOUT 2017
A 20h00

Salle communale
26 AOUT 2017
A 18h30

Salle communale
27 AOUT 2017
A 17h00

















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Community & Espace Vélodrome, in Plan-les-Ouates
from 20 to 27 August 2017

During the opening concert the audience will experience the musical force of l'Ensemble Consonances in a large scale formation. Enjoy the performance of a varied program from pieces of Antonio Vivaldi and John Sebastian Bach.

This concert will highlight the brilliance of the young soloists playing their instruments together. The audience will get the opportunity to meet up with these extraordinary young talents. By discovering the art of the individual musicians, they will gain an profound insight in this outstanding musical constellation.

Theme: “Antonio Vivaldi and Johann Sebastian Bach - influence or symbiosis?“ 

Ensemble Consonances, direction from the harpsichord: Mikhaïl Zhuravlev
Soloists: Dmitry Sinkovsky, solo violin and vocals (countertenor)
Vladislav Popyalkovsky, violin
Dan Sloutskovsky, cello
Ivan Podyomov, Gustav Friedrichson et Mikhaïl Zhuravlev, oboe
Astrid Arbouch et Joffrey Portier, horns
Ambroise Dojat, bassoon 
J.S. Bach, Concerto for violin in A minor, BWV1041 
A. Vivaldi , Concerto for cello pour in A minor, RV418 
J.S. Bach, Brandenburg Concerto No. 1 in F major BWV 1046 
J.S. Bach, Concerto for harpsichord, in A majeur BWV 1055 
A. Vivaldi ,Concerto for bassoon in E minor, RV 484 
J.S. Bach, Concerto for oboe in D minor, BWV 1059 
A. Vivaldi ,Concerto for violin, 2 oboe, 2 horns and bassoon in pour violon, 2 hautbois, 2 cors et basson in F major 
J.S. Bach Air "Erbarme dich" 

Amateur musicians are cordially invited to join the Festiv’Baroqueries workshops
(information & registration under " workshops")
During one week, musical skills will be taught in collective workshops with the objective of a joint concert perfomed on Saturday 26 August.

Evening event " Young Talents" - PARADIGMA 
Music and contemporary dance

Theme of the "Goldberg"Variations " de John Sebastian Bach 
Premiere of a new choreographic creation, direction, Antonia Gomes, Gabriel Stern, piano
Dance Companies: Cie Jeune Ballet de Poche (CH), direction A. Gomes & Cie Annecy Ballet Junior (FR), direction D. Torzuoli 


Concert presented by the participants of the workshops of Festiv'Baroqueries

As a grand finale of a the week of musical workshops, the amateur musicians, will, accompanied by musicians of the l'Ensemble Consonence, present their acquired skills. ____________________________________________________________

Closing Concert with the L'Ensemble Consonances
As a final event, the Ensemble presents a musical tour around Europe to inspire everyone's imagination: This is how music may have sounded and enchanted listeners during baroque times in London, Paris, at the Hamburg opera or in the palaces of the rich in Sienna .... hear for yourself!

Theme: Around Europe with baroque melodies

Direction from the harpsichord - Mikhail Zhuravlev 
Guest Soloist: Michel Tirabosco, Pan flute
Soloist of the Ensemble Consonances: Dmitry Sinkovsky, solo violin
Vladislav Popyalkovsky, violin
Gevorg Vardanyan, viola 
Gustav Friedrichson, oboe 
G.F. Händel - Concerto for oboe in G Minor HWV 287
G. Ph. Telemann - Ouverture-Suite in E minor TWV 55
G.H. Albicastro - Concerto op. 7 no. 4
J.Ph. Rameau - 5th concert of “Pièces de clavecin en concert”
J.S. Bach - Concerto for harpsichord en D minor BWV 1052
A. Vivaldi - Concerto for flute and two violins in A minor RV 108
A. Vivaldi - Concerto for flute and two violins and viola RV 442


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